What Are the Signs That You Need a Front Door Replacement?

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Many people don’t give enough time and attention to their front doors and may not notice that they need a front door replacement.

But your front door is the first thing people see when they arrive at your home, and it affects your house’s curb appeal.

There are many reasons that people choose to replace their front doors, but the three biggest ones are efficiency, security, and aesthetics.

Signs It Is Time for a Front Door Replacement

There are some very obvious signs that it is time to replace your door, and they apply to a front, side, or back door.

  • If the door doesn’t function properly
  • If the door doesn’t seal and is not well insulated
  • When your door is not secure
  • If it drags, doesn’t look right, or won’t open fully or shut properly
  • If you notice rot, moisture damage, or wood degradation
  • If the frame is damaged

Top 3 Reasons People Replace Their Front Doors

1. Efficiency

Your front door is there to serve a purpose, and if it is not doing the job it was designed for, then it is time for a front door replacement.

You may find that your front door has become less functional over time. For example, it might have swollen due to moisture, or you may find that it does not seal well or keep your home insulated.

Metal doors, for example, have a plastic acrylic trim that holds the glass in place. After a few years of sun exposure, this trim can break down. You may find that a metal door warps and cracks. Moisture and air can get in because it is no longer a sealed unit. If a metal door experiences moisture, it will start to rust from the inside.

2. Security

You may find that your front door has become less secure over the years, which can be a safety concern.

With the modernization of lock systems, you can get a front door replacement with state-of-the-art safety technology. At Thermal King, we have replaced front doors damaged in a break-in or by homeowners when they accidentally locked themselves out of their homes.

3. Aesthetics

A big reason people have a new front door installed is to improve curb appeal. They can become outdated, like many decor styles. So, by replacing your front door system, you can quickly update your home.

The type of door you choose will depend on your neighborhood and the style of your home. Newer neighborhoods tend to have more modern aesthetics. In contrast, traditional neighborhoods opt for traditional doors that include standard panels and lead glass.

Common Problems with Doors

The most common problem that front doors experience is weather damage. They can warp from being exposed to harsh sunlight for extended periods. They can be affected by moisture which can cause swelling and rotting. In addition, the extreme effects of weather on your front door system can make it inefficient and a safety risk.

A Front Door Replacement is More Involved Than You Realize

You might not realize it, but choosing a replacement front door is an in-depth process.

When we have an appointment to discuss replacing a front door, we require that all homeowners be present. This is because there are many options when designing a front door system.

The cost of replacing your front door will depend on several factors.

  • The type of door, such as a full view, half view, triple glass, or leaded glass
  • Type of lock system
  • Type of side lights

At an appointment, we can custom-design your door system with an app. To estimate the cost of replacing your front door, you will need to make at least 40 different decisions first.

These include things like:

  • Color options for the inside, outside, and trim
  • Hardware style
  • Hardware finish
  • Lock system

It is crucial that you choose a professional company to replace your front door system. Ask your contractor the right questions to ensure you are choosing the right company for the job.

So, if you are considering a front door replacement, contact us today, and our experts can help you through the process.