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There is nothing quite like the beauty, simplicity, and durability of a Thermal King Double Hung Window. Improve the exterior look of your home, while maximizing energy efficiency. 

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Energy efficiency is first and foremost when choosing a replacement window. Thermal King Windows have an exclusive Triple Insulated EGIII KR IS Glass System.  It has multiple layers of Low-E glass with two insulated chambers filled with Krypton Gas.  Combined with our patented foam Super Spacer makes Thermal King Windows 250% better and even 93 Percent more efficient than most other windows in the Nation! 

Thermal King windows are built with maximum strength and security. Our frames and sashes are fusion-welded and guaranteed to never warp, sag or bow.  The fiberglass-reinforced sash rails also provide unsurpassed strength and durability.  All windows over 26 inches have two flush-mounted sash cam locks for added safety. Our interior glazing bead deters glass removal from outside the home which provides maximum security and a waterproof seal that protects the insulated glass. By adding ventilation limit locks you have the peace of mind to know your windows are secure even when partially open.

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Double-Hung windows offer FlexScreen which is a flexible window screen that can be easily removed from inside the home.  It has narrow sightlines that fit into the window screen pocket, drastically improving sightlines. Our Double-Hung windows are equipped with a computer calibrated block and tackle balance system for easy operation. All of our insulated glass carries a lifetime transferable glass breakage warranty. 

Thermal King Windows are designed to be maintenance free Our uiPVC frames inside and out never require caulking or painting so they are virtually maintenance free. The sashes tilt inward for easy cleaning and with Easy Clean glass that needs cleaning half of the time with half the effort. For decades, double-hung windows have been the style of choice in homes across the U.S. Today this classic window remains the standard for the vast majority replacement window projects. While the appearance of double-hung windows has not changed dramatically over the years, their construction, durability, and energy efficiency has. Thermal King offers discerning homeowners the ability to maintain the traditional look of double-hung windows while enjoying all the benefits modern technology has to offer.  

Energy Star Windows and Doors

Not just some, but ALL of our products are Energy Star qualified. The Energy Star Program was created by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. EPA to make it easier for consumers to choose the most energy efficient products. This label certifies our products meet or exceed the federal energy efficiency standard. 

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Once we have the specifications for your windows our project engineers will begin crafting our patented, industry leading, triple pane windows just for your home. We follow the same process for our beautiful exterior doors. 

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Our installation technicians are expert craftsmen. But, they are also highly trained customer service professionals. We pride ourselves on the ability to complete your project on time and with friendly staff who ensure you have a positive experience. 

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We don’t just sell great windows, doors, and siding, we guarantee it. Our windows will never stick, rot, warp, fade, or fail. In fact, if they do, we will come out and replace it, no questions asked, period. We pride ourselves on quality and virtually maintenance free products for our valued customers.