Kansas City Exterior Door Glass Options

Thermal King Doors offers 17 different glass options for our Kansas City sliding glass doors and entry doors that can be customized giving you the ability to make any door truly one of a kind.

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Search for Kansas City siding door glass or front entry door glass options? Thermal King Doors Decorative Glass option gives you many choices. Our Reflection Series gives you the ultimate in style statement with a combination of clear and reflective blue bevels, giving your home sparkle during the day and glow at night. Our Baton Rouge Series features colored glass inset in a traditional design with beautiful handcrafted glass and patina caming. The St. Jane & Zinc Series features a beautiful traditional design with handcrafted beveled glass and brass or zinc caming. For a more classic design and elegance, our Master Series gives a striking look and adds sparkle to your entry. For a more unique combination of style and privacy our Solitaire Series combines handcut clear beveled glass surrounded by gluechip privacy glass. The Classic Series gives true value and distinctive design with beautiful and simple design that makes a tasteful statement. Our Lehigh Series creates an elegant charm using clear bevel designs and patina caming. Accented with the rich beauty of brass caming, the Beveled Series gathers and reflects light in an exciting prism. The Emerald Series uses brass caming in a simple yet pleasing design that conveys beauty and privacy.


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If you want to combine the rich beauty of bevels with the feathery frost-like texture of gluechip glass our Diamond Series is a perfect fit your home. The Radiant Hues Series features clear and gray baroque glass with beveled glass and zinc caming in a unique and unmistakable design. If security and durability are your top priorities then our Protector Series, which uses a unique lamination process that holds shattered glass together, might be perfect for your home security. Our last decorative glass option is certainly not the least. The Twilight Series incorporates beautiful decorative silk-screen art of our own design. Its unique frosted glass adds warmth and privacy to your home.  

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Not just some, but ALL of our products are Energy Star qualified. The Energy Star Program was created by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. EPA to make it easier for consumers to choose the most energy efficient products. This label certifies our products meet or exceed the federal energy efficiency standard. 

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