What Questions Should You Ask Before Hiring a Kansas City Siding Contractor?

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The Kansas City siding contractor you choose for your home improvement project is crucial for a good result.

Kansas City has a wild climate, and you want to choose a contractor who will expertly install your siding and help you make the right decision regarding materials.

When siding is done right, you will have a low-maintenance, weather-proofed home. But when sagging goes wrong, it can be costly and frustrating.

Here are some questions to ask your siding contractor before hiring them.

What To Look for When Hiring a Kansas City Siding Contractor

Many companies claim to be experts in installing different siding materials, but you want to ask the right questions to be sure that you are choosing the company that will provide a quality product and a professional installation.

Ask for References

Ask your siding company for references. Find out how long they have been in business and get in touch with people who have used the company.

When you are looking at replacing your siding, it is important that you check their references for other siding jobs and not just general home improvement. This is particularly true if you use James Hardie siding, as it is a specialty material.

Social proof is vital for your siding installation. You can get a good idea of a company’s work by looking at previous projects.

Head to Google

Google is a powerful tool that can tell you a lot about the company that you plan to hire. Any Kansas City siding contractor worth its salt will have a professional-looking website that details its services.

Have a look at the company’s Google reviews to see what other people have to say. Not only do you want to read the reviews to learn about the company culture, but you also want to see how many reviews they have and how recent they are. This will give you a good indication of what you can expect from your Kansas City siding contractor.

Remember that you need to take Google reviews with a pinch of salt, as most companies have a couple of 1-star reviews. Have a look at these to see if there’s a common thread but keep in mind that some people are very hard to please.

Ask Your Kansas City Siding Contractor About Their Services

You want to choose a siding contractor that specializes in a few areas. That way, you know that they have professional installation teams that are experts in their field. Not only will they offer a fantastic installation service, but they will also be able to share their knowledge about maintenance.

When you have a free consultation with your siding contractor, you want to ensure that the representative you are talking to is knowledgeable and can offer sound advice. If your siding contractor says yes to everything you ask, you should be concerned.

Occasionally we have come across projects where we can cater to all of our client’s needs, but it is very seldom, and often there is more to a project when a client wants to renovate multiple areas.

Find Out What Materials They Use

There are different grades of materials, and you want to ask your siding contractor what they recommend and the quality of the materials they use. You also want to find out if they have their own installation teams or if they subcontract work.

At Thermal King, we offer warranties on our labor and materials, which motivates us to do the job right the first time. When companies outsource the installation, the warranties on labor and materials will differ.

We are married to the warranty longer than the homeowner, and we will stand by it for years after you have sold your home.

Qualities of a Professional Siding Contractor

A professional siding contractor will have transparent processes, expert installation teams, good references, and quality products.

If you are looking for a Kansas City siding contractor with years of experience and a proven track record for great work, contact us today.