What is the James Hardie siding installation process?

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Homeowners in the Kansas City area have access to some of the leading siding technology in the form of James Hardie siding, but when planning a home siding project, many people wonder what is involved in a James Hardie siding installation. The general process is similar to most other siding projects, but the crucial differences come into play during the actual installation.

These differences are why it is essential to work with a trusted, local Hardie siding installer. We’re going to look at what is involved with ordering James Hardie’s siding and having it installed. We’ll follow the process from the first visit to the clean-up process, and will talk about why having a certified installer is the best way to have your new siding installed.

What Is The James Hardie Siding Installation Process?


The first step in the installation process is to have a representative visit your home, and discuss all of the pertinent options and choices with you. This is where you’ll choose the style and color of your siding, and schedule your material order appointment. You’ll also need to let the representative know where you’ll want your materials placed when delivered.

Material Order & Delivery

After the initial consultation, you will have a follow-up visit from a siding expert to measure your home and determine how much of the siding material will be needed for the project. Once they order it, the materials will be delivered according to your specifications, such as in the driveway, on the lawn, in the backyard, and so on.

Removing Existing Siding

Once the materials have been delivered your installation crew will arrive to perform the actual installation, which will begin with the removal of any old siding that isn’t compatible with the Hardie installation. There are some types of siding that James Hardie can be installed over, and there are types that must be removed prior to allowing for a proper installation.

Repairing Or Replacing Damage

Before the new Hardie siding can be installed, there must be a foundation in good shape. This means the exterior walls cannot have any rot or damage to them, and if there is, it must be repaired or removed before the siding can be installed. In some cases, all damage may be known ahead of time, while in other cases unexpected damages may pop up once the old siding is removed.

Installing Vapor Barrier

The vapor barrier is a crucial component of a correct and functional Hardie installation. The vapor barrier allows the house to breathe, and let vapor out while blocking moisture from coming in. Without this step, moisture like rain would get trapped behind the siding and would cause rot to set in quickly. This is also a step frequently neglected in DIY siding jobs and cheap siding jobs performed by uncertified teams.

Installing Hardie Siding

The actual installation will occur once the vapor barrier is in place. There are several methods for installing James Hardie siding, due mostly to the fact that there are so many different styles of Hardie. There are styles to resemble shiplap, stucco, and more, and each one will need a James Hardie-certified installer.

James Hardie Siding Installation: Thermal King Is Your James Hardie-Certified Installer

James Hardie siding comes with a lifetime warranty, but one of the stipulations of that warranty coverage is that the siding must be installed initially by a James Hardie-certified installation contractor. Installing Hardie siding yourself, or contracting with someone that isn’t certified will not only result in the lifetime warranty becoming void, but it can also lead to an improper installation of the siding itself.

Hardie siding doesn’t install like other materials and requires special training to install it correctly. This includes training on crucial areas and transitional spaces like rooflines, corners, and so on. If the installer isn’t well informed on how to properly install the Hardie siding in these areas, it can lead to leaks and water damage before you know it.

James Hardie Siding Installation: To Start Your Hardie Siding Project

If you feel like you may be ready to have someone come out for a siding estimate, or if you simply have more questions about your potential James Hardie siding installation and the benefits of the material, reach out to Thermal King today.