How Much Does New Siding Replacement Cost?

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If your siding looks like it needs to be replaced, you will need to know the new siding replacement cost.

Coming up with an accurate estimate for your new siding is challenging because it depends on several factors. One thing you can be sure of is that new siding is an expensive process, but when done right, it will last for years.

Working Out Your Siding Replacement Cost is Tricky

If you ask your siding contractor for an estimate on your siding and they give it to you immediately, you need to be wary of using that company.

Working out your siding replacement cost is a challenge because it depends on several factors that can add to the expense of the project.

Here are some things that can affect the cost of new siding replacement:

  • Whether it is a first, second, or third-story work
  • If you are using traditional horizontal lap or vertical siding because vertical siding requires more work and has a higher price tag
  • Whether you are choosing a vinyl or Hardie board siding
  • What we are siding over. For example, if you have previously had wood siding and it is in bad shape, we will need to repair the rot or warp before we can apply the new siding material

It’s impossible to give an average price on new siding, but you can expect to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a quality product and a professional installation.

It’s Not a Cheap Process, and You Shouldn’t Want it To Be

When you work with Thermal King to replace your siding, you can expect a higher price tag and a better quality product and installation.

When it comes to siding, you get what you pay for. That means if you find a company that offers you a low price, they probably use a low-grade material and a basic installation method.

This may seem cheaper upfront, but it will cause several problems down the line that will cost you thousands of dollars to repair. A higher price means better quality materials but also a company with well-trained professional installers who can provide a final result that we are happy to warranty.

Like we always say, the only thing you get for less is less, and at Thermal King, we strive to deliver a fantastic result on every job.

Siding is Not a DIY Project

If you are concerned about the siding replacement cost, you may consider doing it yourself. This is a bad idea because siding is not a DIY job.

We are often called in to complete a job that a homeowner thought they could do themselves, and it costs thousands of dollars more than if they had used a professional company in the first place.

Not only do we have to take down the poorly installed siding, we then have to apply new siding to the home. This means you are charged twice. Not only that, but if you install siding incorrectly, you could void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Siding Replacement Options

At Thermal King, we can professionally install vinyl or Hardie board siding.

Here are some benefits of vinyl siding:

  • Maintenance-free
  • Won’t rot, split, or peel
  • It is a solid color product
  • It has lots of colors and finishes

Here are some benefits of Hardie board siding:

  • It is historically accurate and architecturally correct
  • A recognized leader in siding products
  • You can repaint after 10 or 15 years and change the color of your house

Make the Siding Replacement Cost Worth it with a Professional Company

At Thermal King, we aim to do the job right the first time. That means that you can expect a higher cost but also a high-end product and professional installation.

So, if you are looking at siding replacement costs, contact us because we will save you money in the long run.