What is the vinyl siding installation process?

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Homeowners in Kansas City with old, battered siding may be considering a new vinyl siding installation, but are wondering what the process entails. The process is relatively straightforward and can be done by a small crew in a short time. We’re going to take a look at the steps involved in having vinyl siding installed by Thermal King.

The Vinyl Siding Installation Process

The following is a general overview of the vinyl siding installation process that you will experience when working with us. If you work with another contractor the process may differ to a small degree, but the general sequence of events should be more or less the same.

Home Consultation

The first step in having vinyl siding installed is to have a representative come to your home for an initial consultation and information session. This is where most of the decisions and choices involved with the vinyl siding will be handled. You and your siding consultant will decide on things like style, color, and more on the siding itself, but you will also make choices regarding transitional areas such as eaves, soffit, and fascia. It is likely, at this time, that you will specify where you want the materials staged once they are delivered, such as the lawn, the driveway, and so on.

Materials Estimate & Delivery

After the initial consultation and the specifics of your siding project are known, there will be a follow-up appointment where another siding professional comes out to your home to make the materials order. This will involve them measuring the areas that will be covered by siding, and including additional components that are needed to finish the installation on a materials list. This order is placed with our suppliers, and the materials are then delivered to your home directly.

Removal Of Rot & Other Damage

Once the materials have been ordered and delivered, it will be time to install the siding and a crew will show up at the designated date and time to begin the project. The first step to a professional, lasting installation is making sure that the materials have a proper foundation to attach to. This means making sure that any underlying damage is removed.

The damage may be from the failure of the previous siding, or it can simply be damage and rot that has occurred over time, but it will be removed and replaced with fresh, new wood or exterior paneling. This new material ensures that the new vinyl siding is able to perform the best that it can in the situation.

Vinyl Siding Installation: Insulation

Once the exterior walls have been repaired and are ready for siding, the home needs to be insulated. In some cases, the variety of siding that has been chosen will have an insulative backing. This allows the siding to be installed without previously insulating the walls. In cases where the siding material has no included insulation, foam boards will need to be installed to help improve the thermal barrier the siding will provide.


After the insulation has been installed, or if the siding has built-in insulation, it is time to install the siding itself. This is the point where your installation crew’s experience becomes a vital component of your siding’s success because an improper or low-quality installation can mean premature failure and damage to your home.

Trimming, Disposal, & Hauling

Once the installation is complete, our crew will then trim and finish all needed areas, and perform a full clean-up of all refuse and remaining materials. We will arrange completely for the hauling and disposal of all debris so that you don’t have to.

Homeowner Preparations

The preparations needed on the part of the homeowner are relatively simple. There will be significant amounts of banging and hammering on the exterior of the home, and as such, anything delicate shelves mounted to the wall, and wall-mounted artwork or photographs should be taken down so that they do not fall and sustain damage.

Vinyl Siding Installation: Thermal King Can Be Your Trusted Siding Partner

If you are considering siding, having a local expert handle it is vital to make sure it’s done correctly. To speak to trusted local experts about your vinyl siding installation, reach out to Thermal King today.