What is the Cost Estimate of a Garden Window Installation?

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Working out the cost of a garden window installation is challenging because it is determined by several factors.

A garden window is a great addition to your home and can even increase the value of your home by adding more space inside.

If you have been looking at installing a garden window, here are some reasons it is tricky to provide a cost estimate.

Why Splurge on a Garden Window Installation?

You may be wondering why splurging on an expensive garden window is something you should do.

A garden window is actually four windows in one but without the price tag of four windows. So, although they are more expensive than regular windows, they are still great value for money.

A garden window is a fantastic addition above your kitchen sink. You can use it for added storage, herbs, or indoor plants. Not only do they add to the cubic feet of your home, but they also allow more sunlight and warmth into your space.

Specialty Windows Cost More, But They Are Worth It

Garden windows are specialty windows, so more is involved in the manufacturing process. They also require more on-site assembly, and the installation can be trickier.

Any specialty window, regardless of type, costs more because they are custom-made. That means that whether you have an arch, half-round, quarter-round, circle, oval, bay, or garden window, you can expect a heftier price tag.

Not only does a custom shape have to be made, but often, a specialty window doesn’t fit easily into the existing window opening. Sometimes the shape of the window can be off, and then we have to make a template and hand-produce a new window for that space. This is a crucial part of specialty windows because they have to fit in the window opening, especially if we have already removed the old window.

That is why you want to use a professional company, particularly if you are looking at a specialty window. They will provide a finished product that not only looks great but is well-insulated. Energy-efficient windows are essential to your home.

Garden Window Installation Requires More Manpower

Garden window installation is at least a two-person job. They are cumbersome because they are made up of four windows and are triple glass windows.

When installing a garden window, it is essential to brace it and support it, so it doesn’t sag, fall, or pull off your house. The triple glass makes the window very heavy, and if you have opted for a large garden window, it could be a three or four-man installation job.

We can make garden windows up to 72 inches wide and 72 inches tall, which means we will need extra labor and ladder jacks for a safe and secure installation. Before installing a large garden window, we have to stage the job. This requires scaffolding and ladder jacks to ensure we can complete the installation to a high standard.

It may not seem like your window is high off the ground, but when we deal with such a heavy piece, we want to ensure that our staff is safe and that you have a smooth and secure installation process.

Let Thermal King Install Your Garden Window the Right Way

At Thermal King, we have professionally trained installers with the tools, materials, and experience to fit your garden window.

There are so many factors to consider when preparing for a garden window installation that it can take time to estimate the cost. Although it is a more expensive process than installing a more traditional window, a garden window is still hugely popular and a definite investment for your home.

So, if you are considering a garden window installation, contact us to chat more about your project.