What Is a Window Installation Punchlist & Walkthrough?

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Every job we complete at Thermal King Windows must include a window installation punchlist and walkthrough with the homeowner. If you have never had new windows installed, you are probably asking, “what kind of information is covered during this process?”

Although these processes may sound intimidating at first, they are very simple. Essentially, these are two strategies we use to ensure each job is done correctly and that every customer is completely satisfied with our work.

What Is A Window Installation Punchlist?

After a window installation job is complete, one of our window installers fills out something called a punchlist. A punchlist involves our installer reviewing the job site with the homeowners and looking for anything the team may have accidentally missed.

Typically, these details are very minor. Whenever the homeowner or window installer notices something missing, they add it to the punchlist and proceed with their inspection.

What Is The Difference Between A Window Installation Punchlist And Walkthrough?

A walkthrough is a little bit different from a punchlist. Where a punchlist is an actual document we use to record minor details we need to review and fix, the walkthrough is the act of taking a homeowner to the job site and inspecting it carefully.

When our installers complete a walkthrough, they check every single window they installed and review a checklist of details they must complete before leaving a job site. Further, the homeowner is present during these walkthroughs to ensure everything is up to their level of satisfaction.

With that, our team does not leave a job site if the customer isn’t 100% satisfied with the work we completed.

Why Is A Walkthrough And Punchlist Necessary?

After the walkthrough is completed and the punchlist is properly filled out, our installers have the homeowner sign what is called an installation checklist.

This checklist says that everything we said we would do is complete. Some of the things on the installation checklist include the following:

  • The team has cleaned up all their tools, debris, and safety equipment
  • The windows were installed correctly and to the customer’s satisfaction
  • The job site conditions are identical to how our team found them

The purpose of a walkthrough and punchlist is to ensure everybody is on the same page. Also, it ensures we have paperwork saying a homeowner approved of the work we completed for them.

What If A Homeowner Is Not Satisfied With The Work?

If we complete a window installation job and the homeowner is not entirely satisfied, we always ensure we fix anything before leaving. Sometimes, homeowners notice small things that need to be fixed on the day of installation.

Other times, homeowners will notice missing details a few days after the done is complete. In these cases, you do not need to panic about paying extra for our team to return to your home and fix these details.

Instead, our team will always come back to your home and fix any issues you notice and won’t charge you for doing so.

How Long Does It Take Thermal King Windows To Fix Mistakes?

If a homeowner discovers any details that our installation team missed while putting in your new windows, we always correct these mistakes. Almost always, we fix these mistakes right away on the same day of installation.

However, if it is late or we do not have the proper tool to fix a mistake, we will fix it the following day. Our number one priority is to install windows correctly and safely. Therefore, if we do not have the proper tools or if the job site is too dark at the end of the day, we wait until it is safe to complete the job.

Make Sure You Hire A Team Of Trusted Window Installers

At Thermal King Windows, we strive to make the window installation process transparent for every homeowner. That way, you are informed about every step of the process and understand why certain procedures are followed.

Two tools that help our team maintain quality are our walkthroughs and a window installation punchlist; contact us today to get your free estimate on a new set of windows for your home or business!