What styles of replacement windows In Kansas City are most popular?

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Kansas City homes are so diverse and unique from one neighborhood to another, that if you are considering upgrading your windows, it may be a challenge to pick from all of the various styles of replacement windows in Kansas City. Many of the most popular windows in the city will depend on where you are at the time. Older neighborhoods tend to look one way, while newer construction can be a grab-bag of different styles.

We’re going to take a look at the different styles of windows in Kansas City, as well as what makes them unique or special. We’ll look at the various pros and cons of each, and give you a solid foundation of information to take to your window upgrade project for consideration.

The Most Popular Replacement Windows In Kansas City

Double Hung

In many of the older homes in the Kansas City area, the most popular type of windows is double-hung windows. Double-hung windows are also one of the most common window types overall. Double-hung windows can be opened from either the top or bottom and can be lowered down from the top of each pane.

These windows generally will have two sashes that are able to move vertically within the frame. There is a considerable advantage to this style of window, which is that the window can be cleaned inside and out, from within the home. This makes maintenance much simpler for the homeowner.

Double-hung windows are found in traditional home styles and are popular around the country, so there is no shortage of manufacturers or suppliers. This also means that homeowners will have a wide range of styles and color options available to them. Another benefit to these windows is that they are one of the most affordable styles out there.

Casement Window

Casement windows are another incredibly common window style in Kansas City homes. They are windows that are hinged on the side, so they are often referred to as left-hinged or right-hinged, and they open towards the exterior with the use of a hand crank. These are a common choice in newer homes, as well as for areas in the home that are difficult to reach because they are so easy to open.

This type of window also provides a drastically better ventilation ability than vertical styles like double-hung windows. Casement windows are also far more energy efficient since they seal much better than other styles. Casement windows are great choices for newer more contemporary homes, as well as for transitional style homes.

One of the common complaints and caveats regarding casement windows is their durability in high winds. Since the windows open outward, they can be subject to significant wind forces, which can either damage the frame or can break the window off of the frame entirely.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are less common than double-hung and casement windows, but you can still find them in abundance in older neighborhoods. Awning windows are unique in that they have their hinge at the top, and they open outward, creating a small awning on the exterior of the home. They are simple to operate and work similarly to casement windows in that they have a crank that is used to open and close them.

Awning windows are perfect for Kansas City homes, since they provide the awning effect when open, and allow for significant airflow even during rain and storms. They are most often installed above or below a fixed companion window and are frequently seen on lower home levels, including the basement.

Grids Or Gridless?

Grids are plastic bars that run between the panes in a home’s windows to create a grid effect. They are purely aesthetic and are often considered to be a “fat tie, skinny tie” accent for windows. This means that they are highly subject to trends, and may be wildly popular one year, and be looked at with disdain by others. These are purely personal decisions for the appearance of a window.

Replacement Windows In Kansas City: If You Need More Guidance On Your Window Options

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