What If I Want a Change & How Do I Submit a Window Change Order?

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Let’s say you accidentally made a mistake while ordering new windows for your home; in that case, you are probably curious about the qualifications for a window change order. Submitting changes to your window order is possible at Thermal King Windows.

However, we have a specific timeline we must follow for window installations. That said, you can only change your window order at certain points of the ordering and installation process.

Can I Submit A Window Change Order Request?

Put simply, yes, you can absolutely change the style, color, or number of windows you originally ordered. To do so, you must call a representative from our team as soon as possible. Submitting a request to change your order can only be completed within a certain amount of time.

Therefore, submitting a request immediately is vital to ensure you receive the windows you want.

What Procedures Take Place After Submitting A Window Change Order?

After changing your window order, a Thermal King Windows representative will come back to your home and amend the original paperwork and alter any necessary pricing. Then, the installation manager double-checks the measurements and changes the window order forms to your request.

Next, the window installation manager will place your window order either the same day or the following day, so your windows are produced as quickly as possible.

You must request an alteration to your order between the time a representative and installation manager come to your home.

When Is It Too Late To Change My Window Order?

Once our installation manager places the order for your windows, no alterations to the order can be made. This is why it is crucial to make any changes to your order after a representative comes to your house and before the installation manager heads back to the shop to place your custom order.

After an installation manager places an order at the window manufacturing company, no alterations to your windows’ size, color, or material can be made. Our windows are high-quality and can take several weeks to produce. Therefore, making changes to an order after the manufacturing process has begun is an impossible request.

Why Do Window Representatives Need To Alter Paperwork?

As previously mentioned, if you want to make any changes to your window order within the designated time, one of our representatives has to come back to your house and alter the paperwork to meet your requests.

You may be asking, “Why does an employee have to change details in the paperwork?” The answer is simple. At Thermal King Windows, we want to ensure everybody is on the same page. Therefore, we record any alterations, big or small, for clarity.

Staying up to date with changes to a window order also helps if a homeowner forgets about the alterations they made previously. In that case, we have proof that they made a change request. Detailed paperwork is an effective way to communicate clearly with our employees and customers.

Do Representatives Try To Up-Sell Homeowners?

A primary concern homeowners have is that sales representatives are up-selling them, especially since most homeowners do not know much about the differences between window styles and manufacturers. At Thermal King Windows, our representatives stay transparent throughout the entire sales process.

Overall, our representatives strive to provide the best window solution for your needs. Therefore, they won’t try to sell you the most expensive or the lowest-priced options we have. Instead, they will look at what your house needs and what you requested and pick out a solution based on those factors.

Additionally, our representatives list the pros and cons of each window solution and won’t pressure you to make a decision on the spot. Rather, they leave you with a detailed booklet that explains everything in their sales pitch, giving you more time to review everything and make a careful decision.

Place An Order For High-Quality Windows From The Experts

Making changes to a window order is possible, but it must be done before our installation manager places the order with the manufacturing company. After the manufacturing company starts producing your windows, absolutely no changes can be made to your order.

At Thermal King Windows, we do everything possible to communicate clearly with both our employees and customers. So, if you have any questions about the window installation process or window change order forms, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts today!