What Happens to a Window Replacement Job Site Before, During & at the End of the Project?

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If you are unfamiliar with a window replacement job site and need new windows, it is highly likely that you have questions about the process. Certain things must take place before, during, and at the end of each project we complete at Thermal King Windows.

When you understand what our procedures are, it helps the installation process go smoothly. Additionally, it ensures you do not have any unanswered questions at any point throughout the process.

What Procedures Happen Before A Window Installation Job?

Before our team removes old windows, there are certain things that take place before an installation job. With that, we always have a sales representative do an in-home consultation to inform our customers about the following details:

After the sales rep completes their pitch, our installation manager comes to the job site later and double-checks all the measurements and details. This way, we limit the number of mistakes that are made on the day of installation.

Why Do Homeowners Need A Consultation?

There are several reasons we ask that every customer experience a consultation with one of our sales representatives. The primary reason is so that homeowners are aware of every detail associated with the process.

Essentially, we want to make sure homeowners aren’t left guessing or in the dark about any part of the process. Also, we want to spend the extra time to explain why our products are different and cost the amount that they do.

What Happens To A Window Replacement Job Site During Installation?

On the actual day of installation, our lead window installer comes to the job site and inspects everything, including the measurements and any special tools that may be needed.

Throughout the project, our installation team remains professional and handles everything with customer satisfaction and safety in mind.

During multi-day projects, our team always cleans up their tools at the end of the day and removes any ladders or scaffolding we use for easier access to your windows. We make sure to clean up at the end of every day to prevent injuries or window damage.

Does Thermal King Windows Move Furniture?

Yes, in some circumstances, we will move furniture for our clients before a window installation job. Still, we ask that the homeowner clear as much from the job site as possible before we arrive.

However, if clients are unable to move a large piece of furniture away from their windows, our team of installers will handle the heavy lifting. No matter what, our team never moves any technology or aquarium located near the job site.

There is too much of a risk associated with moving these pieces of furniture. Clearing furniture ensures the job site is safe for our staff to work freely.

What Takes Place On A Window Replacement Job Site After Installation?

After we complete a window installation job, our installer does a complete inspection with the homeowners. A completion inspection involves the installer and homeowners going window by window and making sure everything is installed properly.

If a homeowner notices anything is missing during this time, our installers fix it right away. The purpose of the completion inspection is to show the homeowners that the job is complete while double-checking our team didn’t forget any minor details.

Let’s say a few days go by, and you notice something missing from the window installation. In cases like these, there is no need to panic. Our team will come back out and fix anything necessary at no additional charge.

We will never charge you extra for fixing a mistake that we made or correcting a detail we initially missed.

Make Sure Professionals Handle Your Window Replacements

A lot takes place before, during, and after a window replacement job. At Thermal King Windows, we strive to make window installation as stress-free for the homeowner as possible.

Our team handles every window installation job professionally while following all the necessary safety guidelines. So, if you want one of the highest-rated teams at your window replacement job site, contact us today to get your free estimate!