What types of Kansas City replacement windows are popular in our market?

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Upgrading your home’s windows is one of the easiest ways to cut your energy bills, and add a fresh appearance to the home’s exterior, but many people aren’t aware of all the potential options for Kansas City replacement windows. There are four common window materials that many contractors have, but there is also a fifth option that Thermal King offers that combines the best qualities of some of the options.

We’re going to take a close look at the most common materials for replacement windows, what their pros and cons are, and how they stack up against each other. Then, we’ll check out a more versatile and robust window type that is offered by Thermal King, and what exactly makes it so special.

What Materials Are Popular For Kansas City Replacement Windows?


Wood is the classic window material, and while it has an unmatched appearance and ability to customize, it also has serious drawbacks. The primary drawback is the maintenance commitment. Wood windows are also subject to warping and rot, and as such, they are only rarely used in window replacement situations.


Metal framed windows, such as aluminum or steel, are famed for being some of the strongest on the market. This strength is lacking in materials like vinyl, but metal comes with some downsides as well. Metal is incredibly inefficient, which means metal replacement windows may actually make your energy bills worse, depending on your situation.

They conduct heat very well, which means that in some cases, you may feel the outside coming in. In the summer, you may find that your window frames in the home are very hot, while in the winter you may find your cozy retreat compromised by frigid frames.

Kansas City replacement windows: Vinyl

Many people have looked into vinyl windows and think that’s what they want because vinyl windows are known for being energy efficient, incredibly low maintenance, super easy to clean, and the prime factor for many homeowners, cheap. There are some significant drawbacks to vinyl windows, however, and they often catch people by surprise.

Vinyl, while attractive, is a very weak material compared to other window materials. It can warp and sag under its own weight under the right circumstances, and vinyl windows are highly susceptible to heat, which can cause them to soften and deform. Additionally, while many vinyl window manufacturers provide warranties that look attractive at first, they are often so encumbered by stipulations that they become nearly impossible to leverage for replacement windows.


Fiberglass windows are made from molded fiberglass resin, which makes them one of the strongest materials aside from metal. They are incredibly durable, they resist rot and mold, and are immune to warping like wood or vinyl. Fiberglass does have some drawbacks, and for some people, they are significant.

Fiberglass is a “painted material” which means that during the manufacturing process the fiberglass resin is hardened and then it is primed several times, followed by several coats of paint. These coats of paint are then baked on so that the paint is nearly impervious for a period of 6-8 years.

Following that period, however, the finish will begin to dull, fade, and possibly crack and chip. Once that happens, a crew will need to repaint them, but that paint job will not last anywhere near as long as the factory job. This puts an increasing burden of maintenance on the homeowner after a decade or so.


Thermal King has a unique replacement window solution, and it’s referred to as the combo or hybrid approach. The windows start with a vinyl frame, so the frame is easy to clean and maintenance-free, then the frame is reinforced with fiberglass. This is often considered to be one of the optimal blends of materials on the market.

The vinyl gives the frame its appearance and allows it to retain many of the beneficial qualities of the vinyl window system such as eliminating the need to paint. The fiberglass is used to offset the material weakness of the vinyl, and to provide overall strength and durability to the window.

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If you are considering upgrading your home’s exterior and think windows might be the best option, contact Thermal King today to discuss the options in the context of your project. You can get answers to any additional questions you may have, or simply schedule the estimate for your chosen Kansas City replacement windows.