What Does a Professional Window Installation Process Look Like?

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If you have never had new windows in your house before, it’s only natural to wonder what the window installation process is like. Especially since our team at Thermal King Windows does things differently than other competitors.

That said, our team of experts has years of experience installing new windows, so we understand the process a lot better than most companies. Additionally, we take extra time before starting a project to ensure everything is in place.

The First Step In The Window Installation Process

The first step to getting your windows replaced is the consultation with one of our Thermal King Windows representatives. During this time, an experienced rep comes to your home and makes a list of notes about the structure of your home and the project in question.

For example, some of the details a rep might take note of include the following:

  • How many stories your house has
  • Whether or not there is damage around the windows
  • If there is a water leak that needs to be addressed
  • If the siding around the windows is damaged
  • Whether or not your current windows are properly sealed

Basically, this representative’s job is to make a thorough list of notes, so our team knows which tools we will need. Also, this gives you an opportunity as a homeowner to ask any questions about the process that you may have.

Consultation With The Installation Manager

After a representative comes to your home and completes their initial inspection, our installation manager double-checks everything. Our installation manager has over 20 years of experience installing windows, so he understands what to look for and the necessary equipment needed for each job.

With that, the installation manager will remeasure any windows that will be replaced. Again, we want to ensure everything is ready to go on the actual day of the project; that is why we have two individuals check measurements and inspect your home.

What Happens On The Day Of The Project?

On the actual day of your window replacement project, our team arrives with all the necessary tools based on the checklists of the representatives and installation manager. That way, we can save time and not worry about whether or not any special materials are needed.

Instead, our team of experts brings everything they need to the job site. And if they happen to forget anything or realize a different tool is necessary, they will find the nearest department store to pick it up. We won’t extend the length of your project because we forgot something!

The Last Step In The Window Installation Process

The final step before installing your new windows is for our team to check in with you as a homeowner. That said, we make sure we are going to remove and replace the correct windows based on the maps our representative and installation manager made.

That way, we don’t start removing windows that do not need to be removed. Also, you can feel reassured knowing we are about to replace the proper windows. We triple-check this detail because we want to be 100% sure we are doing things correctly and maintaining an open line of communication with our customers.

Getting Windows Installed By The Best In The Kansas City Area

Now that you understand what the process looks like when getting your windows replaced, you can feel more confident about our services at Thermal King Windows. As previously mentioned, we pride ourselves on doing every job correctly the first time and doing the most thorough initial inspections in the industry.

And although this may take a little bit more time at the start of the project, it saves us time, money, and headaches in the long run. If you want to learn more about our window installation process and get a free estimate, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts at Thermal King Windows today!