What Are Window Manufacturer Warranties & Workmanship Warranties?

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Window manufacturer warranties are a detail that homeowners often overlook when purchasing replacement windows. Warranties are significant for several reasons, the biggest of which is that it protects you from spending more money in the long run.

One tricky aspect of manufacturer and workmanship warranties is that they vary based on which company you purchase your windows from. That said, Thermal King Windows provides vastly different warranties than our competition does!

How Do Most Companies Handle Window Manufacturer Warranties?

Most home improvement companies purchase their windows from a window wholesaler and subcontract the labor to install the product. Therefore, the wholesaler from which they purchased the window covers the manufacturer’s warranty, and the subcontractor covers the workmanship warranty.

Further, if you experience any problems with your window, you have to reach out to both the subcontractor and the window company to determine who is at fault.

As far as subcontract warranties, the law in Kansas and Missouri is that you are covered for one year. Within a year of installation, subcontractors are supposed to come to your home and fix any issues that arise.

Unfortunately, not all subcontractors follow this law and genuinely fix workmanship errors within the year. As a result, you end up paying for premature window repairs or replacements.

Why Do Window Warranties Differ Over Time?

Home improvement companies typically change who they purchase windows from throughout the year. Therefore, the warranties do not change, but the manufacturer that offers the warranty changes.

If you purchase windows from a home improvement store years ago and have problems later on, it is likely they do not purchase the same windows from that manufacturer. So, you end up having to call the manufacturer to get replacement windows.

And while the company will give you the actual window free because it is covered by the warranty, you are forced to pay a massive amount for shipping and handling.

Are Lifetime Warranties Actually Designed To Last A Lifetime?

Most window installation companies say their windows have a lifetime warranty. While this may seem appealing at first, you must read the fine print carefully.

That said, most of the “lifetime warranties” other companies provide include a long list of exclusions that are not covered. For example, vinyl window manufacturers might say the product has a lifetime warranty.

However, that excludes any damage caused by heat exposure and gravity over time (which is bound to happen because the material isn’t durable).

How Do Thermal King’s Window Manufacturer Warranties Differ?

At Thermal King Windows, our warranties differ from our competition. With that, we have labor and material warranties. What this means is that we stand behind both our labor and our materials.

Also, we have purchased windows from the same manufacturer for decades. Therefore, our warranties don’t shift or alter over time. On top of that, our staff is very familiar with our warranties and can explain those details before you sign a contract.

What Is A Workmanship Warranty?

A workmanship warranty protects the homeowner from any mistakes made by the window installation team. As previously mentioned, most companies subcontract their labor. Therefore, homeowners only have a one-year workmanship warranty.

At Thermal King Windows, we stand behind our labor because our team aims to install high-quality windows correctly the first time. Still, mistakes do happen from time to time. And in those cases, we will always send a crew to fix the issue immediately at no additional charge to you.

Hire Kansas City’s Leading Window Installation Team

Warranties may not seem like a big deal to some homeowners. However, they are a matter that must be taken seriously. Without a strong warranty, you can end up spending hundreds of dollars to repair your windows.

Our team at Thermal King Windows stands behind our labor and never subcontracts window installation jobs like some companies. Therefore, if you ever have any issues with your windows, our team of professionals will come to your house right away and fix them at no additional cost.

To learn more about our window manufacturer warranties and receive a window replacement estimate, contact us today!