What Are the Pros & Cons of a Metal-Clad Replacement Window?

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A metal-clad replacement window is a growing choice amongst homeowners looking to replace their home or business windows. Still, before you decide on a window style to replace your current windows, it is important to understand the desirable and undesirable aspects of metal-clad windows.

When you understand the pros and cons of installing metal-clad windows, you can make a better-informed decision for your replacement windows. Window replacement is best viewed as an investment, and you want to make sure you are getting the most for your money.

How Do Manufacturers Make Metal-Clad Windows?

Before looking into the pros and cons of metal-clad windows, it is helpful to understand how manufacturers make the product. That said, metal-clad windows are a sub-category of wood windows.

Further, manufacturers make metal-clad windows by putting a metal exterior over a wood window. Now, it takes several pieces of metal to cover the frame, so it is not a single piece of metal placed over a wood frame.

With that, the various pieces of metal are fused together at the seams (this is important when understanding the disadvantages of metal-clad windows).

The Advantages Of A Metal-Clad Replacement Window

The primary advantage of metal-clad windows is the product’s durability. That said, because the product is metal, it will not rot like wood after being exposed to excessive moisture. In the long run, metal-clad windows will hold up better than wood windows will.

On top of that, metal-clad windows do not require paint jobs like other types of windows do. Therefore, this type of window demands less maintenance than wood windows.

Lastly, metal-clad windows are more energy efficient than wood windows. Therefore, you will find that you don’t spend as much on heating and cooling costs with metal-clad windows as you would with wood windows.

The Disadvantages Of A Metal-Clad Replacement Window

Although metal-clad windows are more durable than wood windows, there are a number of cons attached to this product.

As previously mentioned, with metal-clad windows, multiple pieces of metal are fused to wrap a wood window. Although the wood is protected, that doesn’t prevent metal and wood from contracting and expanding at vastly different rates.

For instance, wood is more susceptible to expanding when faced with humidity, while metal isn’t. As a result, the seals that connect the wood can’t be perfect because the wood will contract and expand far more than the metal does. Then, when exposed to moisture, the water will get trapped between the metal and the wood and gets trapped inside there, never getting a chance to dry out.

Eventually, this trapped water leads to the window rotting from the inside out. But, because the wood is wrapped in metal, you can’t see the wood is rotting until the entire window falls apart.

Warranties Of Metal-Clad Windows

Another aspect related to metal-clad windows that you must consider before purchasing the product is the warranties. With that, metal-clad window manufacturers usually only cover the paint jobs, ensuring you won’t have to pay for additional paint to spruce up your window.

However, the warranties do not cover the more important aspect of metal-clad windows; longevity. The warranties aren’t designed to cover premature rotting and replacement.

Essentially, metal-clad window manufacturers construct warranties that protect them and not the homeowner because they are aware of the defaults that come with their product.

Window replacements are costly, often demanding you spend thousands of dollars. High-quality windows should always come with a comprehensive warranty that protects you from prematurely replacing or repairing the product. Therefore, make sure you thoroughly inspect the warranty of your new windows before finalizing a window purchase, protecting you in the long run in case anything happens.

Window Installation From The Best In The Kansas City Area

As you can see, metal-clad windows have several cons to consider. Although the material is more durable and energy-efficient than wood windows, the potential long-term risks cannot be ignored. Keep in mind that window replacements are an investment, and you always get what you pay for.

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