How Long Does It Take to Install Replacement Windows & What Factors Can Impact the Timeline?

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If you want a team of professionals to install replacement windows throughout your home, you probably already know the project is going to be a considerable investment. On top of that, it is only natural that you’d be curious about the general timeline for window replacements.

Although you want installers to replace the windows as soon as possible, you also want to ensure the job is done correctly. There are a number of factors that impact a window replacement project, most of which are out of a homeowner’s control.

What Is The Average Time It Takes To Install Replacement Windows?

At Thermal King Windows, the time it takes our team to install new windows is however long it takes to correctly install each window.

Basically, we do not try and rush jobs to make sure they get done in a certain amount of time. Instead, every project is different, and our team will stay at a work site for however long it takes to get each window properly installed.

With that being said, the average length of window replacement projects is seven windows per day. This number is based on a standard window replacement job in the Summer, when the weather is ideal for replacing windows.

How Long Does It Take To Set Up For A Window Replacement Job?

Regardless of whether our team is replacing five windows or 20, the amount of time it takes to set up and prepare for each job is the same. With that, our team has the same timeframe, no matter how many windows they are installing that day.

Some of the things our team brings to each worksite include the following:

  • Several window installation and replacement tools
  • Ladders
  • Scaffolding
  • Tie-ups
  • Safety equipment
  • Clean up materials

Does The Weather Impact A Window Replacement Timeline?

The weather is one of several factors that affect how long it takes our team to remove your old windows and install new ones. With that, the ideal time to replace windows is during the Spring and Summer, when the weather is warmer.

Still, Thermal King Windows does complete window replacement jobs in the Winter. However, the installation process normally takes longer in the Winter because the temperature is much colder. Despite that, our team completes the same quality job; it will simply take a little bit longer.

What Other Factors Impact The Window Installation Timeline?

As previously mentioned, there are several factors that can alter a window replacement job’s timeline.

For example, here are some factors that can significantly impact how long it takes our team to replace your old windows:

  • Whether the old material is vinyl or wood
  • Where your windows are located (ground, second, or third floor)
  • The condition of the window opening
  • The condition of the sealing surrounding the window opening
  • Whether or not there is water damage present
  • Whether your not your home has lead paint

Water damage is the most unexpected and time-consuming factor that adds more time to a window replacement job. If our team starts ripping out your old windows and notices water has damaged the opening and the surrounding wall, that will add a lot of time to our workload.

Unfortunately, we won’t know if your home has water damage until we start the job.

Regardless of the numerous variables that affect a window replacement job’s timeline, our team always brings the proper tools to safely handle any situation.

Have The Best Install Replacement Windows For Your Home

As you can see, any number of things can impact how long it takes our team to successfully complete a window replacement job. Details like where your windows are located to the current condition of your window openings will affect how faster we can do our job.

Still, it is important to remember that some factors are out of human control, like the weather conditions on the day of replacement. No matter what the conditions are, our team of window installers will always do a quality job.

So, if you want a team of professionals with a reputation for completing jobs correctly and safely to install replacement windows in your home, contact us at Thermal King Windows today!