Are Bay Windows a Good Investment?

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Bay windows are a fantastic addition to your home. They increase your living space and allow you to make the most of your outside views.

A bay window in your home is a good investment as long as you have it professionally installed. Choosing the right window company can make a significant difference in how your bay window affects the value of your home.

What Are Bay Windows?

A bay window consists of three windows that project out from your home. They give you approximately 18 inches of interior space that you can use for a seat or shelf.

Similar to a bay window is a bow window. This is 4 or 5 windows that create a gentler shape. This also gives you cubic feet inside your home, making it an excellent investment.

Because the window extends outside your home, it gives you sweeping, panoramic views and is a fantastic way to add extra living space and light.

Bay Windows Add To Your Living Space

In the Midwest, having a double-hung window, a picture window, and another double-hung window in your living room is very traditional. Adding a bay window to the front of your home allows you to distinguish it from all the others on the street while adding extra living space.

It is important to note that a bay window is a great investment if your home can have one. In some homes, you can’t put in a bay window without a lot of construction. That doesn’t mean that we can’t add a bay window to your home; it just means that there will be a bit more involved in the project.

How can you use a bay window in your home?

  • Added seating
  • A reading nook
  • Your annual Christmas Village
  • A warm and cozy spot for your furry friends

Your Bay Window is a Good Investment if it is Professionally Installed

Like any home improvement project, the success of your bay window addition depends on the contractor you use.

For bay windows to be effective, they must be adequately insulated and supported. At thermal King, our windows are built for strength and security.

Energy Efficient

We offer a high-end, insulated unit with a very thick bottom made with several different types of foam so that you don’t get radiant cold or heat. We build our bay windows to stop energy loss while letting you make the most of those sweeping views.

We have seen many after-market bay window additions that have not been properly installed. These are obvious as they tend to sag, and the homeowners complain that they let in the cold.

Secure Installation

Because a bay window hangs off the side of the house, it is crucial that they are secured correctly. We use a cable system for our bay window installation. They are not just screwed into the wall but have a cable into the roof joist, so it doesn’t sag or pull away from your home.

We have your security and mind when installing windows, and our frames and sashes are fusion-welded so that they won’t warp, sag, or bow.


We offer a bay window addition with a casement or double-hung option. They all come with our triple-insulated glass system and can have authentic wood grain finishes. Because some people love the idea of a bay window while others don’t, we offer different glass and grid options. This allows you to customize your window to suit your style.

Thermal King, Your Kansas City Window Experts

A bay window is a great home investment project, especially when it is professionally installed and built to last.

Contact us for a free estimate if you are considering bay windows for your home.