What’s the Process of Installing Double Hung Windows?

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Are you considering installing double hung windows in your home but need to know what the process looks like?

The secret to installing new windows in your home is not the type of window you choose but the installer you choose.

At Thermal King, double hung windows are one of the window styles we can expertly install, offering you an installation that is professional, secure, and long-lasting.

What are Double Hung Windows?

A double hung window has two stacked movable sashes, allowing it to move from the top and the bottom. Having the ability to open the top and bottom sections of the window allows for better airflow, easy cleaning, and almost no maintenance.

When you choose a double hung window from Thermal King, you will get an energy-efficient windows built for strength and security. Our frames are fusion-welded, so they are guaranteed never to warp, sag, or bow. They are a popular option in Kansas City and across the country.

How Do You Install Double Hung Windows?

The installation process for a double hung window is the same process we use for a picture window or a casement window. It’s not the window installation that is different but how the window operates.

We build each window to fit inside the existing opening. This customization process looks the same each time; it is just the measurements and type of window that differ.

You may find that the existing window opening is no longer square. This is common as your home shifts and settles over time. But that means that installing a new window can be more complex.

We will create a window that fits within the existing space and then insulate around it. We use an expanding foam made just for the window industry so that it won’t over-expand. By creating a custom-fit window with effective insulation, we can create a tight seal around your window. This prevents any water penetration or air infiltration. That is important because it protects your home from mold, leaks, and heat loss.

If you are worried that this kind of custom work will look unattractive, there is no need to panic. The foam insulation is hidden behind window trim, making your new windows look beautiful and professional.

It’s Not the Installation, but the Installer that Counts

The process of installing double hung windows is essential, but the installer you choose is essential.

A bad window job is obvious, and it will affect your home’s efficiency and the window’s longevity.

At Thermal King, we have over 33 years of experience, and our installers are professionally trained. Replacing windows in your home can be a complex project that requires expertise and is definitely not a DIY job.

Out with the Old and In with the New

You may think fitting a replacement window is straightforward, but the installation depends on what is being removed.

Removing the existing window is the hardest part of any window replacement project. Different companies make and fit their windows differently, which can be tricky when it comes to removal. Luckily, our staff have years of experience and can handle even the trickiest window removals.

It’s possible that when the windows were installed in your home, you weren’t aware of the quality of the installation or if any problems were hidden. When you choose a professional company, the integrity of your project is guaranteed.

At Thermal King, we have employee installers that understand the recourse for subpar work.

Trust the Experts

Windows are an important part of your home insulation system but also the overall aesthetic of your house.

Choosing experts to install your windows can make all the difference, so if you are considering double hung windows in your home, contact us for a free estimate.