What Window Installation Workmanship, Communication & Other Expectations Should I Be Aware Of?

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When it comes to what homeowners should know about window installation workmanship, communication, and warranty details, there are a few vital aspects everyone needs to be aware of. Unfortunately, most window replacement companies do not communicate transparently with their customers.

Although this may save time at the start of the installation process, it causes headaches and confusion as the job progresses. However, our team at Thermal King Windows aims to be as direct and open as possible when it comes to communicating.

What Kind Of Window Installation Workmanship Warranties Do You Have?

At Thermal King Windows, we have a labor and material warranty. That means that no matter what problems you experience with your windows or who the installer was that day, our team will come out and fix the job.

Basically, we want our customers to live at peace knowing if anything happens to go wrong after our team completes a job, they don’t have to search for a trusted contractor to fix the problem. Instead, we stand behind our work and take responsibility for any issues that arise down the road.

Does Thermal King Windows Communicate With The Homeowner?

Put simply, yes; our staff aims to always be available to answer any questions you have about your window replacement job at any point in the process.

For instance, when a sales representative comes to your home to give their sales pitch, they are open and honest. Rather than trying to upsell you into buying the most expensive windows, our sales representatives look at what your home needs and what you have requested and use that information to find the best solution for your home.

Further, before our team of window installers starts a job, the installation manager will review the job at hand and ensure they’re removing and replacing the correct windows. By doing this, it ensures everybody is on the same page.

Lastly, our team keeps careful records for each window replacement job. So, if any changes are made to the project or there are alterations to the pricing that need to be made, our team records everything. That way, there is a clear paper trail and open communication.

What Kind Of Warranties Do Other Window Companies Have?

The majority of window companies offer only a manufacturer’s warranty. And, since every window manufacturer is a little bit different, each warranty has different exclusions and details that determine whether or not you qualify for a window repair or replacement.

While this is understandable, the problem arises when window installation companies continuously change who they purchase windows from. So, let’s say you purchased windows from a company five years ago and are just now having an issue.

When you call the installation company, it is very unlikely that they will still purchase windows from that company. Therefore, you have to do a lot more work to contact the wholesaler and figure out if their warranty still covers your windows.

How Are Thermal King Windows’ Warranties Different?

Our window warranties differ from most window installation companies’ because we have purchased our windows from the same manufacturer for decades.

With that being said, we understand the warranties in place and know that any customer who has a problem will be covered. Since we do not change window manufacturers as other companies do, warranties aren’t a guessing game.

What Things Aren’t Covered By Your Warranties?

There is one detail that most window manufacturers include in their warranties that Thermal King Windows ignores. Our window warranties do not have a section for damage caused by heat-related stress.

Although this might be alarming at first, the reason this section is not included is that our windows do not need that coverage. Further, our windows do not warp or bend after experiencing extreme heat.

In comparison, vinyl windows warp incredibly easily after facing heat and gravity for a couple of years.

Hire Professionals For Quality Window Installation Workmanship

As you can see, Thermal King Windows has vastly different warranty coverage compared to other window installation companies. With other companies, you risk them switching manufacturers throughout the years and being unaware of your warranty coverage.

With Thermal King Windows, we have relied on the same window manufacturer for years, so our warranties do not change. So, if you want high-quality window installation workmanship and open communication, contact our team at Thermal King Windows today!