What Front Door Accessories Do You Need In Your House?

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Your front door is the first thing people notice about your home, and you can improve its aesthetic by adding front door accessories.

These can be functional improvements like a locking mechanism or purely aesthetic, like a new stain or paint.

Choosing the accessories for your front door is an entirely personal choice. It will depend on the style of your home, neighborhood, and personal preference.

Regardless of why you choose to update your front door, we can offer a wide range of accessories.

Stain and Paint Colors

At Thermal King, our stain and paint colors are hand-applied. We have 14 different stain finishes, and 16 different paint finishes for you to choose from.

This wide variety means you can find the right stain or color for your home improvement project. We cure our doors and add a protective clear coat to them. This gives them a 7-year finish warranty.

Hardware and Front Door Accessories

When it comes to front door accessories and hardware, we use Schlage and Emtek hardware. Not only is this hardware beautiful, but it is also secure and of high quality.

Some of the accessories that we offer are:

  • Pre-fit cladding
  • Interior casing
  • Internal blinds
  • Glass grids

New Styles are Always Available

Our door manufacturer updates their styles every year to include new and exciting design options. There is a definite trend towards doors with a more modern twist as well as more traditional staples.

Multi-light doors have seen a surge in popularity recently. Instead of one big window in the middle or a half window at the top of the door, multi-light doors have four or five panels of different sizes.

Choosing accessories for your front door is no easy feat because there are many options.

Here are some things to consider when thinking about front-door accessories:

  • Lock system
  • Sidelights
  • Transom
  • Door design
  • The color of the inside, outside, and trim
  • Whether you want a single unit or a multi-unit

At Thermal King, we also offer door bandings. These decorative bands are metal plates you put on the outside of your door.

When it comes to hardware choices, we have very simple hardware or more modern and elegant options.

With the advancement of security technology, you can also choose to use new-age tech to accessorize your door. Things like Wi-Fi-controlled keypads are also something to keep in mind.

Front Door Accessories for Fun and Functionality

For some families, the functionality of their door is most important, so they choose accessories with that in mind. For example, they might prefer a traditional door finish with an integrated keypad system. These keypad systems started out big and clunky. But the new versions are small and integrate with your phone so that you can tell if your front door is open remotely.

Then others leave functionality for side and back doors but want their front door to pop. That is where our choice of vibrant styles and colors comes into play. Some of our customers love their front doors so much that they use them as a backdrop for their holiday cards each year.

Your front door can say a lot about your design style; luckily, at Thermal King, you can choose accessories that match your aesthetic.

Let Us Give Your Front Door the Wow Factor

At Thermal King, our focus is on the door and installation, and we leave the design of the accessories up to the door manufacturers. That means that you will get a door that has all the added features you want, and it will also be professionally installed to be energy efficient and secure. If you want to find out why energy-efficient windows and doors are important you can read more here.

So, if you are looking for the right front door accessories for your home, contact us to see your options.