What Does a Professional Window Replacement Proposal Entail?

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The first step in any professional window replacement project is an estimate. Each home’s estimate varies slightly based on the number of windows that need to be replaced, the style of windows, and more.

Still, you may be curious about the first part of the process; the estimate. For instance, how long does an estimate take? And what aspects should a homeowner be aware of? At Thermal King Windows, our team does window proposals differently compared to a majority of our competitors.

How Do Most Window Companies Do Window Proposals?

Window proposals, for most companies, only take a few moments. For instance, a representative will come to the house, count the number of windows, and provide an estimate associated with replacing that many windows.

As you can see, these representatives do not provide additional details about the process, such as the following important factors:

  • Warranties
  • Style of windows they will be installing
  • How long the process will take
  • Other factors that may arise later and eventually impact the price

Typically, these companies offer a lower estimate than our team would for the same project. At first, this may seem like an advantage. However, our representatives at Thermal King Windows provide you with much more information during a window replacement proposal (see below).

Professional Window Replacement Proposals At Thermal King Windows

At Thermal King Windows, we provide a thorough inspection in order to equip you with the most accurate estimate for a window replacement project.

For example, we measure each window, inspect every opening for potential damage or sealing issues, look at the siding next to your window, and identify where water damage is coming from (if necessary).

Moreover, we explain why certain window replacements will cost more than others. For instance, installing windows costs more if the windows are on the third floor rather than the second or first floor. Replacing windows higher than the ground floor is a little more challenging because of the height.

Additionally, we inspect the window openings in order to provide a more accurate estimate. That said, we look at whether or not the wood or siding is rotting because we need to determine whether siding repair or replacement is necessary.

How Long Does A Window Replacement Estimate Take?

At Thermal King Windows, our estimates take about an hour of your time because we strive to provide you with all the information necessary beforehand. That way, you aren’t hit with any surprises when the installation process begins.

Remember, our proposals consist of a lot of measuring and inspecting. On top of that, we explain why the type of windows we install, triple glass, are better than other, more conventional styles. A lot of factors impact the price and estimate we provide, so we want to be as accurate as possible and consider everything the first time around.

Why Is Triple Glass Better?

Triple glass windows have a lot of advantages, including the fact that they are a long-lasting material. However, the most important distinguishing factor is that triple glass windows are more efficient.

Triple glass is more efficient because of the dead air space in between the glass. Therefore, it’s not the glass that is insulating your home, but the dead air spaces instead. With that, there are two dead air spaces that help your windows keep elements outside, preventing drafts.

Although double glass windows are efficient, they only provide one dead air space. Overall, triple glass windows are more durable and offer more efficiency because of the way they are manufactured. Therefore, these windows have more comprehensive warranties, allowing you to live stress-free because you do not have to worry about premature window repairs or replacements.

Get A Thorough Professional Window Replacement Estimate

There are numerous factors that go into a window replacement estimate at Thermal King Windows. Our team of experts considers the window opening, size of the windows, and external factors like sealing. Although a quick estimate may seem appealing because it will take up less of your time, you want to ensure the job is taken more seriously than that.

For a professional window replacement proposal from a team who takes everything into consideration before even starting a job, contact us at Thermal King Windows today!