What are the Pros and Cons of Garden Windows?

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Immerse yourself in the world of garden windows, a versatile feature that can transform any space into a vibrant, light-filled oasis. Learn about the structure, best locations, as well as the pros and cons of garden windows.

What is a Garden Window?

A garden window, often referred to as a box window, is an innovative window style that essentially consists of four windows in one unit. This type of window protrudes outwards from the exterior wall, providing a panoramic view and forming a box-like structure.

The four windows include a window that extends straight out, a flat window running across, a window returning straight back, and a top window set at a slope or angle. This design ensures rainwater drains off rather than pooling on the top, providing both utility and aesthetic appeal to homeowners.

Common Locations for Garden Windows

While garden windows can technically be installed in any room of the house, they are most commonly found above the kitchen sink. This location not only offers a picturesque view while handling kitchen chores but also provides natural light and additional space for storage or display.

Whether it’s for decorative items, collectibles, or indoor plants, garden windows add a distinctive charm to the heart of the home – the kitchen. However, don’t let tradition limit you – garden windows can be a striking feature in other rooms as well, depending on your personal preference and design sensibilities.

The Structure of Garden Windows

Explore the unique design and structure of garden windows, a remarkable architectural feature that adds both beauty and functionality to any home.

Four-in-One Solution

Garden windows are a fascinating piece of engineering. This four-in-one design includes a front-facing window, two side windows, and a top window angled to shed rainwater efficiently. This setup not only maximizes natural light but also offers a panoramic view of the outside world.

Different Parts

Each part of a garden window serves a unique purpose. The outward-protruding design creates a spacious shelf inside, the angled top ensures efficient rainwater drainage, and the side windows facilitate excellent cross ventilation. This intelligent design combines aesthetics, functionality, and convenience in one package

Garden Window Shelves

Garden window shelves come in two main variations: glass and wire. Generally, for narrower garden windows, a glass shelf is provided. If the window’s width surpasses a certain measurement, a sturdy wire shelf, much like a closet wire shelf, is used instead. These shelves serve as perfect spots for displaying your favorite knick knacks or housing indoor plants.

Pros of Garden Windows

Delve into the various benefits of installing garden windows, making your home a beacon of light, space, and style.

Storage and Display Opportunities

Garden windows come with built-in shelves, providing an ideal spot for showcasing your decorative items or housing plants. The two-tiered system, often made of glass or wire, offers ample room for displaying a variety of items.

Ventilation Features

Apart from the aesthetic appeal, garden windows also offer practical benefits such as improved ventilation. The side windows of the garden window open, allowing for a cross breeze, making it an ideal solution for rooms that need extra ventilation.

Enhancing Your Kitchen Experience

Adding a garden window above the kitchen sink creates a more open, brighter, and interesting space. It offers something pleasant to look at while preparing meals or cleaning up, adding an enjoyable aspect to these everyday tasks

Cons of Garden Windows

Even with numerous pros, it’s important to understand the potential cons of garden windows to make an informed decision.

The Cost Factor

While garden windows offer a range of benefits, they do come at a higher price point than standard windows. However, many homeowners find the unique advantages they offer, from increased light to added display space, well worth the additional investment.


Regular maintenance is key to keeping garden windows in good shape. Cleaning them might be slightly more labor-intensive than flat windows due to their unique structure, but with routine care, garden windows can remain a beautiful feature for years to come.

The Impact of Garden Windows on Home Value

Despite the initial cost, garden windows can significantly add to the value of your home. They improve the aesthetic appeal of your home, provide extra sunlight and space, and can even reduce energy costs by enhancing natural light and ventilation.

Replacing Windows with Garden Windows

Can You Replace Any Window with a Garden Window?

Yes, you can replace virtually any window with a garden window, be it a double hung window or a flat window. However, the process involves certain structural changes, so it’s recommended to seek professional help to ensure a seamless transformation.

Converting Flat Windows to Garden Windows

Converting a flat window to a garden window is a popular choice for homeowners seeking more light and space. This process involves expanding the window space outward to create room for the garden window. Remember, this is not a DIY job and should be handled by experienced professionals.

Garden Window Replacements

Replacing an existing window with a garden window opens up an array of opportunities for home design. Whether you replace a garden window with another garden window or swap out a double-hung window for a garden window, the decision ultimately depends on your needs and the architectural constraints of your home.


As we wrap up our comprehensive exploration on the pros and cons of garden windows, it’s time to decide if this unique home feature is the right choice for your needs.

Deciding if a Garden Window is Right for You

Considering a garden window for your home comes down to evaluating several factors:

  • Space: Garden windows protrude outwards, providing interior shelf space but requiring exterior room. Ensure you have sufficient outdoor space to accommodate this style of window.
  • Light: If your home lacks natural light, garden windows can be an excellent solution, allowing ample sunlight into your rooms.
  • Budget: While garden windows are a more significant investment than standard windows, they offer unique advantages that many homeowners find worth the cost. Evaluate your budget alongside the potential benefits to make an informed decision.
  • Purpose: Consider what you plan to use the window for. If you want a place to display decorative items or house plants, a garden window could be an ideal choice.

Enjoying the Benefits of Garden Windows

From brightening up your home with natural light to providing extra storage space and enhancing ventilation, garden windows offer a wealth of benefits. They add an aesthetically pleasing element to your home and can even contribute to increasing its value.

If you’re ready to explore the possibility of garden windows in your home, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact us to discuss your needs, explore options, and begin your journey towards a brighter, more beautiful home with garden windows.