What Are the Benefits of Combining Exterior Remodeling Projects?

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Combining exterior remodeling projects, like replacing windows, siding, and doors, can initially sound like a daunting and overwhelming task. Combining major projects will undoubtedly be expensive; there is no way around that.

However, there are a number of advantages that come with replacing siding, windows, and doors at the same time. Regardless, it is crucial to hire a company with years of experience and a reputation for completing projects correctly the first time, like our team at Thermal King Windows.

Completing Exterior Remodeling Projects: Windows And Doors

When you remodel exterior elements like windows and doors at the same time, there are several advantages. The most prominent advantage is that your home will be more energy efficient.

Doors are the least efficient openings in your house because they are constantly being opened and shut throughout the day. As a result, outside air and other elements enter your home. Of course, some of this is unavoidable. However, you can prevent drafts while your door is shut.

With that, replacing your front, back, and side doors can lead to a more energy-efficient home. If you were to only replace your windows and not your doors, you would be solving a small part of an efficiency problem.

So, if you can afford to replace both your doors and windows at the same time, your home will experience the best efficiency results.

Are Energy-Efficient Windows Worth The Cost? 

Windows that are energy efficient are definitely worth the price. If you have noticed your heating and cooling bills rising, that’s a good indicator that it is time to replace your windows.

With energy-efficient windows, you can enjoy the following perks:

  • Easier to keep your home at a comfortable temperature
  • You can save around 12% on your utility costs
  • Less noise
  • Better UV ray protection (less color fading)

It is important to understand that energy-efficient windows are an investment. The windows will cost a little more upfront but will save you money and unnecessary stress over time.

Completing Exterior Remodeling Projects: Windows And Siding

Another popular exterior project is siding replacement. Again, replacing siding and windows at the same time can be extremely beneficial for the long-term health of your home.

Siding doesn’t really contribute to your home’s energy efficiency like doors and windows do. Instead, siding is more about aesthetics and curb appeal. Still, remodeling your home’s siding can better protect your new windows.

For instance, when we complete siding and window remodeling jobs at Thermal King Windows, we replace the windows first. That way, our team of expert installers can lay the siding to overlap the edges of the windows. By doing this, your windows enjoy an extra layer of insulation provided by the siding.

Overall, overlapping siding on top of the edges of your windows gives you a much better seal and a more durable product. You can feel confident your windows will last several years to come.

Doing Remodeling Projects Simultaneously Identifies Water Problems

Another benefit that comes with doing remodeling projects simultaneously is that our professionals can identify potential water problems.

For example, if you were to replace your siding and windows at the same time, our team would inspect the entirety of your home’s exterior. Therefore, if your home is experiencing any water leakage in the windows, siding, or roof, you will know about it right away.

In comparison, you would be unaware of these issues if we were to only replace the windows. Or, it may initially seem like the problem is coming from your first-floor windows when it is actually originating from your second-floor siding.

Fortunately, new siding ensures your home is sealed and your walls are protected from water damage, mildew, and mold.

Hire The Experts To Tackle Your Exterior Projects

As previously mentioned, doing multiple exterior projects at the same time is going to be costly, no matter what company you hire. Therefore, you want to make sure you hire a company and team of professionals who understand how to install siding, windows, and doors correctly.

At Thermal King Windows, we have years of experience combining exterior remodeling projects, so give our representatives a call today to get your free estimate!