How Do You Plan & Budget for New Window Installation?

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Any new window installation project is going to be a costly investment. Therefore, it is crucial to plan and budget for such a big purchase properly. You can plan and budget for a big window replacement project in several ways.

Also, window installation professionals vary significantly in terms of what they charge to replace windows. That said, you must choose a company that values long-term warranties, high-quality windows, and proper installation, like our team at Thermal King Windows.

Dividing A New Window Installation Project

One way you can plan for window replacements is by dividing the number of replacements throughout the year. For example, let’s say you want ten windows replaced in total. One way to budget for a large project is to replace five in the Spring and the remaining five in the Summer or Fall.

That way, you aren’t burdened with a considerable expense at one time and can make the payments more manageable. At Thermal King Windows, we work with customers to choose the best window replacement schedule for their needs and budget.

Replacing Old Windows First

Another way you can plan for new windows is by replacing the ones that demand immediate attention first. For instance, if some of your home’s windows are rotting, deteriorating, or showing other signs of damage, it is best to replace those windows first.

Replacing rotting or deteriorating windows before replacing other windows in your home is smart because they can lead to more significant problems. Rotting windows are often caused by excessive moisture. And if you do not replace a rotting window, mold can spread throughout your walls.

Therefore, instead of simply replacing windows, you’re stuck fixing a larger mold problem that has spread to other areas of your home.

Planning For New Windows: Fixing Structural Problems

Some window damage is easy to see with the naked eye. As previously mentioned, rotting or damaged windows are easily detectable when you inspect your windows.

However, some problems are impossible to see with the naked eye. Typically, these are structural problems. When our team of window installers inspects your home for a replacement estimate, we do a thorough job.

That way, we can detect any drafty windows or windows that are not appropriately sealed. Even if these windows aren’t in a frequently used room, it is best to replace them first. If you don’t, your utility bill will be higher.

What Happens During A Window Inspection?

At Thermal King Windows, we do things differently than our competition. When our competitors complete an estimate, it usually takes a few minutes. Although this may sound appealing at first, there are many things these contractors fail to tell you.

In comparison, our team does an incredibly thorough inspection consisting of not only your windows but the siding, how the windows are sealed, and where potential damage is originating. Essentially, we inspect your entire house, even if we are just replacing the windows.

That way, we can adequately identify and deal with bigger issues, such as the following:

  • Protection from water
  • Correct window and siding sealing
  • Ensure your windows are long-lasting

Another detail we touch on that our competitors often skip over are window warranties. Our window replacements are usually more expensive than other companies. However, we install windows that are built to last and have a warranty to back them up. A long-term warranty ensures your investment is protected, and you don’t have to worry about premature window repairs or replacements.

Ready For A New Window Installation Project?

Planning and budgeting for new windows is smart because the project is a considerable investment. Still, it is a long-lasting investment that will protect you from outside elements and assist in making your home more energy efficient.

Regardless of whether you want to replace all your home’s windows at once or divide the project into smaller chunks, our team at Thermal King Windows is the best for the job. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to get a free estimate for your new window installation!