French Doors


Nothing makes an elegant statement like a set of French (double) doors. Express your personality and create a visually striking entry to your home.

All our doors styles are available as French (double) doors.

French door (double) features:

  • Choice of full wood frame or steel L-frame
  • Hinged on each end with door knobs in the center
  • Available with either left or right door active (main entryway)
  • Center astragal is attached to the inactive door and includes top and bottom slide bolts (used to open inactive door)
  • Available as inswing or outswing
  • Header security plate (standard on full wood frame)
  • Locksets, deadbolts and kickplate hardware will be installed on both active and inactive doors, all other hardware is installed on active door only
  • Optional InVent™ retractable screens